Sincere thanks to all of our donors and sponsors. None of this could be possible without you.

Bell & Company, P.A. was created by attorney, accountant and avid MTN Biker, Richard Bell, over 25 years ago.  Since that time Bell & Company, P.A. has blossomed into one of the most respected public accounting firms in the industry.  Bell & Company specializes in financial consulting for medical professions, small businesses and trucking companies.  Bell & Company’s superior work and dedication to their clients has earned the firm several honors such as the Governor’s Life-Work Balance Award.  The firm has a core of strong family values and promotes healthy sustainable lifestyles for all employees.

Bell & CO MTN Biking is one the largest and most celebrated teams in “The Natural State”.  Over the past four seasons, Bell & CO MTN Biking has won two Team Cup State Championships and finished Runner-Up twice.  In 2009 we made history by becoming the first team to ever sweep the AR MTN Biking Triple Crown.  We are also at the forefront of trail advocacy and have created an unprecedented fellowship which has transcended teams and ability levels alike.  Last fall Bell & CO MTN Biking co-hosted the CARPe diem MTB Festival which helped raise $2,000 for “Where the Stars Still Shine” and another $2,000 for the Salvation ARMY.

Raw Revolution has been supplying fuel for the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic since its inception. Oftentimes we are too busy to stop for lunch, so I often reach for Coconut & Chocolate Raw Rev energy bar to keep me going. Raw Rev bars are 100% organic and completely vegan. Plus Raw Revolution uses raw ingredients straight from the earth to supply more energy rich nutrients so you can perform at your peak. Put the revolution in your mouth, doctor’s orders!

Ocken Photography founder, Bob Black Ocken, has been an internationally renowned professional photography for the better half of the last two decades. Bob uses his unique vision and artistry to weave a compelling story from his photographs, the finished product of which always speaks for itself. “Where the Stars Still Shine” was fortunate enough to have Bob spend a week in Haiti with us at the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic. Our website and walls will never be the same.

Black Sheep Bikes is generously donating a custom build prototype MonstaCross 29er Titanium frame to Dokte Clayton Bell.  The prototype will be ridden from Huntington Beach, CA ~~> Charleston, SC during the 3,000 mile “Bisiklet pou Ayiti” Cross-Country Fundraiser.  Todd & James at Black Sheep Bikes are titanium sculpting artist and can create the perfect bike for any occasion and rider.