Cloud Forest Medical Clinic & CHW Program

With assistance from “Where the Stars Still Shine” the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic was opened by Humanity First USA in April, 2010 to serve the remote mountain villagers of Haiti’s Seguin Plateau. Over the following 18 months 12,000 patients were diagnosed and treated for a variety of infectious and chronic diseases such as pneumonia, malaria, tuberculosis, scabies, acid reflux and hypertension.  During this time period the CFMC offered the only physician mediated healthcare for a 6 hr hike in any direction and acted as the premier primary care facility in the entire mountain range.  When the deadly cholera epidemic ravished the country, members of the CFMC took the lead by implementing a large scale cholera education and prevention campaign. By collaborating with the Haitian Ministry of Health, Haiti Epidemic Advisory System, Doctors Without Borders and numerous other NGOs countless lives were saved.

Many illnesses in rural Haiti are the direct result of contaminated water, underdeveloped sanitation infrastructure and poor hygiene practices. Over the past two years we have learned that public health education provides the best protection from these preventable diseases. With this knowledge Kyle Martin, MPH created the Community Health Workers Program to better serve the healthcare needs of the local people.  Women hold the key for spreading public health knowledge in the Haitian culture and each of the 8 female CHWs were specially chosen for their intellectual aptitude and respect within the community. The CHWs are currently treating over 100 hypertensive patients who are at high risk for stroke and will be utilizing the brand new Cloud Forest Medical Clinic.  The CHW Program is now be funded by Humanity First USA as well.