Cloud Forest Medical Clinic

The Cloud Forest Medical Clinic resides near the remote mountain village of Seguin in the heart of rural Haiti.  As a crow flies the clinic is only 17 miles Southeast of Port-au-Prince but it might as well be a world away.  Due to our relative isolation and skilled staff we have become the premier medical facility from the hills of Port-au-Prince all the way to the Caribbean Sea.  The Cloud Forest Medical Clinic opened only 8 months ago and has already seen well over 5,000 patients. Some patients walk many hours (up to 8 hrs each direction) across the countryside to receive medical care and it is not uncommon to see a patient’s donkey tied up front by the clinic gates.  Currently we are averaging almost 200 patients per week with our busiest days being Mondays & Thursdays (market days).  We treat everything from malaria & typhoid to worms & scabies to HTN & GERD.  Because healthcare is so grossly underserved in this area we see disease states that have progressed years beyond anything you would ever expect to see in the United States.  Medical professionals who would like to volunteer are encouraged to register on the Humanity First USA website.

Haitian School Project

Where the Stars Still Shine is currently working out the details to build a new primary school in Beai d’ Orange, Sud-Est, Haiti.  Meetings with the pastor, teachers, engineers and contractors are ongoing.  We hope to begin construction in the next several months and complete the new school this summer.  If this project goes well, we already have another location determined for another new school in the extremely remote village of Belle Fontaine-Opac.  70 children (grades Kindergarden-6th) attend daily classes here in one small room with no ceiling and few benches.  We are dedicated to ensuring all these children have a proper learning environment so that the future of Haiti can be much brighter.